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— Chili Challis, Former Staff Writer for NBC's 'Tonight Show' and Creative Consultant for MTV/CMT

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry Christmas Dammit!

Merry Christmas and to all my Jewish friends, (3) at last count, Happy Hanukkah! If I left out your Holiday it's probably because most people don't celebrate it and I have no desire to get familiar with it, nor am I going to say "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" just to appease you! Unless you celebrate "Festivus," THAT ONE I can get behind ;)

It has been an amazing year, and a bit of a blurr, thousands of miles logged and thousands more to go.  I can't thank those of you who came to the shows enough for your support.  As some of you know I started booking and promoting my own shows in the Midwest and out West and while I had to learn a few things and make some adjustments, all in all it has been the BEST decision I ever made, taking my act directly to the people and having an audience who is actually coming to see me and my fellow comics has been very gratifiying and I thank you! I could not pull any of this off without my lovely and talented website designer/graphic artist Lori Dawson. Lori, you are the best at what you do and I am so thankful for your talents, thank you!

I am very pleased to announce that on November 20th I signed with the Rivertown Entertainment Group.  Steve Brechting and Ben Shawa are well respected entrepreneur's, event promoters,  and successful business owners. I am confident that Rivertown will take my career to new heights in the upcoming months, in fact many exciting things are in the works that I will be able to tell you about as soon as they are confirmed. It is difficult to find representation that one: has juice, and two: you can trust! I have found both in these guys and am proud to also call them my friends.

I am also very thankful to Len Kure and all those at Heffron Talent/Comedy Zone for their support and keeping me working steadily on the road in 2010 and into 2011.  I have met some amazing and talented people this past year and I am sure I am a better entertainer for having shared the stage with many of you.  It is always nice to cross paths on the road with old friends, we all tour so much it is rare to maintain any regular time with what we do, but at least it is quality time ;)

I am most thankful for my crazy family! I love all of you and wish I could see you all more than I do. To my Dad, you are the best! I drew a much better hand than you did having me as a Son, and that makes me even more thankful for all your support and belief in me all these crazy years, I hope I give you less reason to worry these days.  My cousin Lisa for the warm bed and meals when I had nothing and needed a place to crash between gigs, I appreciate you more than you know. My Sister, Brother in Law, Nieces & Nephews and now Great Nieces and Nephews you are all much appreciated and I am happy we have been able to spend more time together lately.

Thank you to all my friends old and new.  My partner in crime Jeff Worley, I am honored to be in the crazy cast of characters that you call friends, you are a pretty crazy character yourself! I look forward to all the adventures that lie ahead, it's never boring! There are too many people to list so just know when I say thank you, yeah, I mean you too! 

Three amazing things happened to me in Sturgis S.D. during Bike Week this year and none were drug related! Lol  I witnessed one of my buds get shot out of a cannon, I saw Guns N F'n Roses, and I met Brandee, and I am thankful for that everyday, and miss you everyday and count the days til I can see you again.

Merry Christmas everyone! See ya out there ;)

Jack W.

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  1. Great note here Jack.. You deserve good things and you are working hard for them.. Hope you get all you deserve and then some.. Peace..